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Order Artist made Izannah Walker Dolls

Izannah Walker Style Dolls $499

View Available Dolls


Little Izannah Walker Doll

Small Columbian dolls

Little Columbian style Dolls $499

View 1 Available Doll


Columbian Doll


Boy Girl Kamkin kids

Little Kamkin style Dolls $499

View 4 Available Dolls


Little Kamkins Doll


Little Alabama Baby style Dolls $499

View 1 Available Doll


Little Alabama Baby Doll

Dresses for Izannahs

Dresses for Izannah $30

View Izannah Dresses



Dresses for Izannahs

Hitty Dresses

Dresses for Hitty $20

View Hitty Dresses



Dresses for Hitty

Printed aprons for Izannah and Hitty

Printed Aprons $16

View Aprons



Aprons for Izannah and Hitty

Printed stuffed min amimals for dolls

Stuffed Animals $18.

View Animals



Little stuffed animals


Greiner paper mache doll kit

Greiner Doll Kit $79.99

Finished size 19”


Greiner Doll Kit

2 Blonde kits in stock

1 Brunette kit in stock

Reproduction flapper doll kit

Boudoir Doll Kit $49.99

Finished size 26”



Boudoir Doll Kit

1 Kit in stock

Kits now include BOTH Fancy dress and Lounging Pajama patterns

Pumpkin kit


Pumpkin Head Doll Kit $49.99

Finished size 25"


Pumpkin Kit

  2 Kits in stock



Historically accurate doll body

Greiner or China Doll Body Pattern and Instructions $5.00

Finished size 15”


Greiner Doll Body Pattern

Dress for China or Greiner era dolls

Greiner Doll Clothing Pattern $5.00


Greiner Doll Clothing Pattern

Bed Doll Body

Boudoir Doll Body Pattern $5.00

Finished size 15”


Boudoir Doll Body Pattern

Fancy dress and bonnet

Boudoir Doll Fancy Dress Pattern $5.00


Fancy Dress Pattern

Flapper gal in lounging pjs

Boudoir Doll Lounging Pajamas and hat

Pattern $5.00


Lounging Pajama Pattern

Boudoir dolls in undies

Boudoir Doll Unmentionables Pattern $5.00

Pattern for "all in one", slip and drawers


Unmentionables Pattern

Peter Pumpkin in overalls

Boudoir Doll Overall and Shirt Pattern


Overall & shirt Pattern

Gypsy Magda in costume

Boudoir Doll Gypsy skirt, vest, scarf,

drawers and blouse


Gypsy Outfit Pattern

Mary Melon in Casual dress with apron

Boudoir Doll blouse, skirt,

apron and drawers


Blouse Apron Shirt Skirt Pattern


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